[development] Drupal 6.0 is released!

Jason Flatt drupal at oadaeh.net
Wed Feb 13 15:59:57 UTC 2008

On Wednesday, February 13 2008 6:57:32 am Gábor Hojtsy wrote:
> Hello World,
> Thanks to your hard work on the features going to Drupal 6 over the
> last year and all the work put to fixing bugs in the final stages as
> well, Drupal 6.0 is now released. The  announcement is at
> http://drupal.org/drupal-6.0 and includes announcement for some of the
> cool new stuff from contributions as well, made possible with this
> release.

Congratulations to everyone that helped bring this it out the door, and thanks 
for all the effort and hard work you put into it. You know who you are.

> But the most immediate task for all is to go out and do some partying.
> Spread the great news on the new release.
> Happy hacking with Drupal 7,

I thought that was the most immediate task.

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