[development] rich text editor

Mike Cantelon m_cantelon at straight.com
Fri Feb 15 20:25:12 UTC 2008

Stefan Nagtegaal wrote:
> We work with jQuery, so what is better than to cooperate with the guy 
> who did this proof of concept with the use of jQuery?
> http://batiste.dosimple.ch/blog/posts/2007-09-11-1/rich-text-editor-jquery.html 
Also the main developer of JQuery UI (http://ui.jquery.com/) has been 
given a full-time job working on JQuery UI 
(http://ajaxian.com/archives/jquery-ui-lead-is-hired-by-liferay). They 
are working on a standard RTE for the UI project and, given that JQuery 
has been cooperative, they too may be interested in our community's needs.


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