[development] Any solution for solving DB reserved word conflict?

Edison Wong hswong3i at edin.no-ip.com
Mon Feb 18 18:22:01 UTC 2008

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Well, the useful of pair up syntax is not only about a simple regex 
implementation: /\[([A-Za-z0-9_]+)\]/, but also a simple syntax which is 
more human friendly. It is more readable than ``, so the debug process 
will be much simpler.

Most of our developers are MySQL based, but not everyone like/know the 
useful of `` and use it daily. For me, I am usually lazy with it if 
possible. The [ ] syntax may bother those professional MySQL developers; 
BTW, at least I just seems [ ] as like as the use of { } (a special 
drupal-like query syntax), and hopefully this may also be the case for 
normal contribute developers?

Konstantin Käfer wrote:
|> [] has the advantage of being easily translatable to ``, whereas for 
the other
|> way round you'd need to parse the string in order to find out which 
one is
|> the opening character and which one is the closing one.
| No. Since identifiers don't really contain whitespace, it's just 
s/`([^`\s]+)`/[$1]/. You can add an additional whitespace to be matched 
before and after the backticks, but they are not necessary when the 
backticks are used correctly.
| Konstantin

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