[development] Any solution for solving DB reserved wordconflict?

Edison Wong hswong3i at edin.no-ip.com
Mon Feb 18 19:25:27 UTC 2008

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| I'm actually against adding more regexes to the database system.  
Regexing a serialized data structure is a design flaw.  If we're 
colliding with reserved words, let's just update the schema to not use 
reserved words per the SQL 99 spec.  Problem solved.

Hope to point out an interesting founding: the performance is not much 
different from our existing implementation, even I try to add some stuff 
in order to support totally 5 databases, both legacy and PDO 
implementation. This is proved by benchmarking result 
(http://edin.no-ip.com/project/siren/siren-1.0#benchmarking_result). We 
may not need to seems this minor regex as a monster.

Using escape character can solve the conflict *forever*; BTW, we always 
need to keep trace our source code in order to avoid the use of conflict 
wording (e.g. if database upgrade with some new reserved word, we will 
also need to upgrade our core; who can for sure that MySQL won't add 
some new wordings?). IMHO, I would prefer a permanent solution, rather 
than an open issue always stay beside us ;-)

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