[development] Module developers, please do *proper* releases !

catch catch56 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 18 22:25:15 UTC 2008

Angela Byron wrote:
> Greg Knaddison - GVS wrote:
>> If you believe someone needs to manage a module differently then
>> consider contacting the maintainer and saying to them:
>> "Thank you for this module.  I find it very useful.  I would like to
>> see a 'stable 1.0 release' of this module.  Is there some way that I
>> can help you to confirm that it is stable enough that it's ready for
>> that 1.0 release?  Are there some issues that need testing?"
>> 0 release.
> Enormous, blinking, flaming, marquee +1 to this. An even bigger and
> more flashy -1 to all the other proposals about introducing more
> process or rules here.
Yep, filing issues like that seems like the best bet. Also, although
this might already have been mentioned since it's a long thread -
personally I really appreciate 0.5, alpha, beta and rc releases. It
shows more clearly what the developer thinks of the current state of the
code, that they've given some thought into how to present that opinion
to people who might download it - and it also means I'll be a bit more
confident in downloading any other modules they might have since there's
(more) likely to be at least some common measure of quality across
projects. And of course when there's a new alpha or a 1.0 release,
update status will let me know.

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