[development] Views 2 UI

Rowan Wigginton rowanw at aspedia.net
Mon Feb 18 22:58:32 UTC 2008

Earl Miles wrote:
> Thanks Keith!
> I rolled an official alpha release so people can play with this. I'm 
> very interested in feedback about this UI from the community 
> (admittedly I like positive feedback here, but I'll accept the 
> negative too =)
I gave it a try and I have to say the interface is much more intuitive 
than before, but I can't see this kind of UI working with many other 
modules, Views is one of a kind.

One problem with the Views 2 UI is that it doesn't guide the user along, 
instead it presents everything at once in panels across and down the 
page, I had to stare at it for a while to figure out what the next step 
was. However it makes up for this somewhat by splitting different 
displays into 'tabs' on the side of the page and also uses a kind of 
'mini-wizard' for configuring each setting (I noticed some settings had 
multiple steps).

Overall I think the interface is a big improvement over Views 1, but the 
layout is unlike anything else in Drupal and the last thing I want to 
see in Drupal is inconsistency.

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