[development] How to make better dependency checks in D5, D6, D7?

Clemens Tolboom clemens at build2be.nl
Wed Feb 20 16:42:07 UTC 2008


- have mercy if this is no the right channel to adres ;-)
- this is not about drush ... which is a GREAT tool and time saver
- I just got sick and tired checking all boxes when installing ie
... now i can run: "drush mm enable uc_cart"

I just submitted a patch for drush (D5) for enabling/disabling modules
as a way to open up discussion about module (de)installing and

Moshe pointed me to http://drupal.org/node/211182 which was dancing
between D6 and D7 version.

The patch http://drupal.org/node/220945#comment-738292 uses an
- Acyclic Directed Graph to find out the right order to enable/disable/uninstall
- Topological Sorted List to do the actual work

(as nifty side effect is being able to create http://drupal.org/files/issues/graph.gif)

So who is willing to discuss this with me @ FOSDEM

ngnp @ irc
Clemens Tolboom

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