[development] A Git mirror for Drupal CVS

Mikkel Høgh mikkel at hoegh.org
Sat Feb 23 00:26:28 UTC 2008

I know that this is a controversial issue, but I feel I might have come 
across harsher than I intended.

I agree with Karoly that Git (or bzr or Mercurial or...) is not the 
answer to all our problems. Especially the lack of good, stable 
Windows/Mac GUI clients for all the aforementioned systems is a big 
showstopper. TortoiseHg is out, but still very much beta.

I think the keyword here is _eventually_. I hope that we can all agree 
that CVS is past its prime. Its many predecessors hold many advantages 
over it. Many new features that CVS will probably never get.
So while we're not in a position to switch to something else right now 
or this year, it would still be wise to consider the future.

I could rant endlessly about why distributed SCM is great and boosts 
productivity, makes it easier to try out crazy ideas. Makes branching 
and merging easier and so on, but I suppose you all know this.

So all I'm saying is that we ought to consider switching to something 
else at some point in the future, because CVS isn't that great now and 
is not likely to get better.

Kind regards,
Mikkel Høgh

Gordon Heydon wrote:
> Hi,
> The thing that I think that is needed is better tracking of code 
> authors. With GIT (and other systems) is that you can see who who the 
> patch.
> If you take a look at the Drupal 7 branch, it indicates that the author 
> is Dries, which is not true. Dries is the committer. Using git we can 
> see who the author and the committer is, as well as patches can be 
> signed by anyone who has handled the patch, eg a chain of evidence.
> Lastly the biggest and best feature of git is the branch handling, and 
> being able to move patches from 1 branch to another is very painless. 
> With e-Commerce having multiple stable versions, this feature has saved 
> so much time.
> Also with e-Commerce I think that I need to move to a system where I can 
> track all the authores of the code since e-Commerce is dealing directly 
> wth people's money.
> Gordon.
> Victor Kane wrote:
>> Just to add my two cents worth... This concept is doubly important, 
>> not only in ridding the Drupal Community of the deprecated CVS on the 
>> level of source code versioning; but also because of its powerful 
>> distribution features: it is a _distributed_ version control system.
>> As per http://git.or.cz/
>>     Besides providing a version control system, the Git project provides
>>     a generic low-level toolkit for tree history storage and directory
>>     content management.
>>     Git gives each developer a local copy of the entire development
>>     history, and changes are copied from one such repository to another.
>>     These changes are imported as additional development branches, and
>>     can be merged in the same way as a locally developed branch.
>> What I mean is, git has strong implications for helping with the 
>> eternal _build_ and development versioning problems now inherent in 
>> Drupal site-building: branching from production to development, then 
>> back into production...
>> It it's good enough for Linux, it's good enough for Drupal :)
>> Victor Kane
>> http://awebfactory.com.ar
>> On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 8:26 PM, Gordon Heydon <gordon at heydon.com.au 
>> <mailto:gordon at heydon.com.au>> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     Mikkel Høgh wrote:
>>      > Hi Gordon,
>>      >
>>      > I have enabled "blame".
>>      > I'm glad to see that Git is catching on around the Drupal
>>     community. I
>>      > hope some day to be able to look back at CVS as only a bad 
>> memory ;)
>>     Yes that would be nice, but if something like git were to be adopted
>>     then we would still offer CVS as a entry level so people can easily
>>     commit stuff with having the ease of learning git.
>>      > And yeah, it is big. It took hours to import it with git
>>     cvsimport, but
>>      > amazingly, the whole repository only takes up 15MB, which is 
>> really
>>      > impressive to me, since it includes the entire CVS repository will
>>      > themes, images and code with a lot of changes these 8 years.
>>     That's like
>>      > 2MB per year.
>>     That is so cool, I need to check this out more.
>>      > I'm afraid that we won't be so lucky with the contributions
>>     repository,
>>      > but if we ever were to switch to Git or something like it, it
>>     would be
>>      > madness to continue to have all 1000+ modules in the same
>>     repository -
>>      > it's maddening enough already ;)
>>     Yes I have been thinking about this, and I think that we would 
>> need to
>>     break each of the projects out into there own repositories, so they
>>     would be easier to maintain, and divide up the permissions.
>>     I really like git a lot, and I would be interested in 
>> collaborating on
>>     this with you.
>>     Gordon.
>>      > //mikl
>>      >
>>      > Gordon Heydon wrote:
>>      >> Hi,
>>      >>
>>      >> This is great. I have a git mirror of the e-Commerce cvs and this
>>      >> looks great.
>>      >>
>>      >> I did try and make a drupal mirror but it would not import it
>>     because
>>      >> it was so big.
>>      >>
>>      >> It would be also nice if you can turn on blame which is like
>>     annotate.
>>      >>
>>      >> See what I have done at http://git.drupalecommerce.org
>>      >>
>>      >> Gordon.
>>      >>
>>      >> Mikkel Høgh wrote:
>>      >>> Forgive me my shameless self-promotion, but I'd like to draw
>>      >>> attention to my newly created Git-mirror of cvs.drupal.org
>>     <http://cvs.drupal.org>
>>      >>>
>>      >>> Git ( http://git.or.cz/ ) is a great version control system 
>> that I
>>      >>> use to keep my Drupal-sites up-to-date, so a complete 
>> mirroring of
>>      >>> Drupals CVS with tags and branches and all is a great step
>>     forward -
>>      >>> for me at any rate.
>>      >>>
>>      >>> I've made a longer blog post about it here:
>>      >>> http://mikkel.hoegh.org/blog/2008/a_git_mirror_for_drupal_cvs
>>      >>>
>>      >>> The repository is here:
>>      >>> http://git.lion47.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
>>      >>>
>>      >>> Kind regards,
>>      >>> Mikkel Høgh <mikkel at hoegh.org <mailto:mikkel at hoegh.org>>
>>      >>>
>>      >>>
>>      >>>
>>      >
>>      >
>>      >
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