[development] Module developers, please do *proper* releases !

catch catch56 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 25 20:12:07 UTC 2008


> > Well count me as someone who did their first CMS install via
> Fantastico..
> I didn't say those can't evolve into the most productive reviewers
> that Drupal has ever seen :D
> ...which of course strengthens the point that expecting a lot of knowledge
> from the start is probably not such a nice idea as slowly educating new
> users.

Actually I think by the time I got to Drupal I'd given up on Fantastico, but
it was pretty close. But at the same time, it was Drupal that got me
interested in doing things properly - and part of that was because it does
encourage you to learn various things (both the software and the community)
rather than hiding it all away.
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