[development] Getting both better internal and external APIs intoDrupal 7

Victor Kane victorkane at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 23:16:30 UTC 2008

Formally, what Ernie says is correct.

But we need to focus on marketing, and we need to invoke the "Don't make me
think" principal if we are going to compete for the hearts and minds of the
toiling millions.

"package install profile" is too many modifiers. Makes me have to think.
Don't want to think about what color the sky is.

Want to check it out, pick and choose, and use, use, use.

Can't we have more intuitive names for stuff?

Victor Kane

On Jan 1, 2008 7:57 PM, Earnie Boyd <earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Quoting Michelle Cox <mcox at charter.net>:
> >
> > On 12/31/2007 7:50:22 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin (kb at 2bits.com) wrote:
> >> I tried my best to have install profiles named something else
> (packages,
> >> distros), but the counter
> >> argument is that it was too late to do it.
> >>
> >> This will cause a lot of confusion in the future, unless we give
> profile.
> >> module the bullet of mercy in D6 and replace it with bio (or friends)
> for
> >> example.
> >
> > It will still be confusing. I think anyone who's familiar with social
> > networking sites will tend to associate "profile" with people, even
> > though it does have other meanings.
> >
> A profile is nothing more than meta data for a something or a someone.
> A package install profile is correct.  A user profile is correct.  A
> clarifier should be used in both cases to make the meaning understood.
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