[development] Getting both better internal and external APIs intoDrupal 7

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jan 2 14:51:47 UTC 2008

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> On  01.Jan.2008, at 06:16 PM, Victor Kane wrote:
>> But we need to focus on marketing
> Before we even speak of marketing, we need to think in terms of  
> usability first and foremost.

I am remembering my searching for CMS software and Drupal (4.7.x at the 
time) was the easiest for me to use.  Let's not get hung up on terms 
and make sure the documentation to explain the terms we use are in 
place.  If we denote properly so that we can avoid the wrong connote 
then we can use the more general term profile for different objects.  
Kind of like using node for more than one object which makes sense in 
terms of expandability as has been described recently but for those 
using Drupal a while and not involved with development might be a bit 
confusing due to the connotation already ingrained.

Profile: Meta data that describes different objects within Drupal.
1) User profile - Meta data about a user such as birth date, email 
address, etc.
2) Package profile - Meta data describing the default look and feel of 
a Drupal installation such as a blog profile, forum profile, etc.

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