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Sean Newman newman.sean.c at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 18:52:46 UTC 2008

If evidence is needed of his 'bad faith' use then the posts mentioned (See
http://groups.drupal.org/node/7948 and http://hiveminds.co.uk/drupal.se)
could be used. Maybe a screenshot should be taken of his post on hiveminds.
Also the fact that he used the name for almost 2 years to point to his
hiveminds.co.uk site is further evidence of his bad faith use of the name.
See http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://drupal.se


On Jan 3, 2008 12:48 PM, Thomas Barregren <thomas at webbredaktoren.se> wrote:

> Sean Newman skrev:
> > Yes Victor, It doesn't matter if its a .org .com or some country code
> > TLD as in this case. Once there is trademark infringement and 'bad
> > faith' use then its cybersquatting. And no it may not be 'illegal' but
> > ICANN and country code registrars have dispute policies set up for
> > exactly this case when someone tries to hijack a TM name and sell it
> > for huge profits. All Dries or the DA has to do is contact the .se
> > registry (I think that that is http://iis.se), and find out about
> > their dispute resolution policy.
> Yes, the Internet Infrastructure Foundation is responsible for the
> top-level Swedish Internets domain, .se <http://www.iis.se/lang/?id=en>.
> Disputes about a .se domain can be handled by the their Alternative
> Dispute Resolution proceedings <http://www.iis.se/domains/aboutATF>.
> > It might cost about 1,500 or 2,000 (not sure) to file a complaint, but
> > the squatter would stand no chance.
> The cost is approximately $1,250 USD or $2,500 USD, excluding VAT,
> depending on whether there is one or tree arbitrators, respectively.
> (See http://www.iis.se/domains/aboutATF/atfcost.)
> > Once he tried to sell it for thousands, it is clear 'bad faith', not
> > to mention TM infringement. And yes he can be sued for misuse and TM
> > infringement by Dries if Dries so chooses. It really is incredibly
> > naive and frankly quite stupid to  register a TM domain and then try
> > to sell it back for profits. Imagine if he registered pepsi.se
> > <http://pepsi.se> or microsoft.se <http://microsoft.se> and then tried
> > to sell it for thousands of dollars. He'd get a lawsuit faster than he
> > could say the word 'lawsuit'.
> I agree. IANAL, but I am certain that Dries, as the rightful owner of
> the brand, if not registered in Sweden at least by prescription, will
> win a such Alternative Dispute Resolution proceedings.
> / Thomas
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