[development] drupal.se for sale

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Thu Jan 3 21:29:51 UTC 2008

All legal questions aside, all community respect and contribution  
concerns ignored, I think that the situation surrounding both  
drupal.se AND the recent "7 Million" thread on drupal.org are  
opportunities for us to step back and take a deep breath.

As Drupal grows and gets more attention outside the circle of  
hobbyists, true believers, early adopters, and consultants who are  
passionate about building it, there will be more and more of these  
kinds of things. How we deal with them reflects on us as a community.  
This doesn't mean that we shouldn't stick to our guns when important  
issues are being discussed. Rather, it means we need to be  
*especially* careful not to give in to knee-jerk insults or mean- 
spirited outbursts. Drupal's community has been characterized by a  
really awesome vibe for a long time; other people can't change that,  
only we can. Let's make sure that we don't.

Another person in the community recently emailed me some advice from a  
Richard Feynman book that I think is really golden at moments like this:

"To see generosity you must be generous enough not to see the  
meanness, and to see just meanness in a man you must be mean enough  
not to see the generosity."

Let's be sure that in protecting the community we don't poison its  
spirit. :-)


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