[development] Reminder: Drupal Association application deadline is January 10th

Bevan Rudge bevan at civicactions.com
Tue Jan 8 05:05:11 UTC 2008

Thank you all, especially Greg, for your enlightening replies.

I can see now that I've misunderstood the purpose of Permanent
Members.  By this excerpt from http://drupal.org/node/203039...

> [Permanent Members'] main responsibility is the appointment and removal of the Directors as well as amending the statutes. In a way, they police the Board of Directors -- if they are unhappy with the Board of Directors' performance, they can appoint or remove Directors. We expect that Permanent Members spend up to two hours/week working on their Drupal Association responsibilities and obligations.

... I understood that PMs' primary purpose in the DA is to vote.
However I now understand the PMs primary purpose is to contribute
their skills to the DA and it's activities -- the ability to vote is
an added bonus.  Is this correct, or at least *more* correct?

I now also understand why the application questions seemed so unusual.
 lol.  I hope that by understanding MY misunderstanding, DA
application-reviewers might better understand and manage other
applicants 'sub-standard' applications.

I apologize for having checked the 'I have read the statues' checkbox
when I hadn't read the statutes.  When I saw the length of the statues
I figured the checkbox was merely a formality and legal obligation of
the application, like the T&Cs for every popular website that you must
agree to (but don't read) when registering.  I didn't even look in
enough detail to see if it was legal jargon or prose that I would have
the patience to read.  Thank you for correcting my miss-asumptions.

At this time I think that the limited time I have for the drupal
community and project is better spent in areas that probably aren't
considered 'responsibilities and obligations' of a PM.  (Although I'm
still not really sure what constitutes valid 'responsibilities and
obligations' of a PM.)  I have removed my application from

I'm a little bit frustrated that I am therefore unable to vote.
Although I trust that the decision to only allow DA-contributing
members (PMs) to vote was made for good reasons.

Thanks all!  :)

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