[development] Considering the inclusion of nodeapi op 'retranslate' in Drupal 6

developer at dropcube.com developer at dropcube.com
Sat Jan 12 07:14:19 UTC 2008

I know that we are in feature freeze for quite a long time now, but we can 
consider this feature as the complement of an already existing feature and 
not as the aggregation of a completely new feature.

This will give us the possibility to have a new trigger included in Drupal 
Core and for sure it is going to help Drupal 6 rocks still more in the 
multilanguage world.

To have a really consistent nodeapi, hook_nodeapi must be invoked whenever 
an important operation was made on a node. In a multilingual site, this 
operation is extremely important. All the modules that implement nodeapi 
should be notified that a retranslation to the nodes marked as 'outdated' is 
required. For this reason I propose the new nodeapi operation 'retranslate'.

Please follow up at http://drupal.org/node/207604


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