[development] Multiple user aliases - Multiple user node ownership

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Sun Jan 13 21:44:39 UTC 2008


I think that's probably the solution to more Drupal problems than we  
realize. Once Author and all node fields are stored as multiple value  
CCK fields, multiple authors becomes trivial.


On Jan 12, 2008, at 5:47 PM, ekes wrote:

> I've had several requests to: (i) To be able to have nodes that can be
> (owned) edited/deleted by multiple users (group posts); (ii) To be  
> able
> to post under aliases - without logging into multiple accounts.
> Obvious answers: (i) Something nasty with Node Access; (ii) CCK  
> field to
> be displayed replacing the the usual user field, trouble of having
> reusable or identifiable aliases as well.
> (in/sane?) answer: Write module that - (i) Creates a (blocked) user to
> register 'nicks' (ii) Links 'nicks' with user(s) 1->1 or 1->many (iii)
> uses nodeapi to add 'nick' to node form (iv) adds edit/delete to nodes
> that relate to user 'nick's (just skipping and adding different access
> control to present node functions).
> Just a check if I'm looking the wrong way, or if I'm just hanging  
> out in
> the marginal 20% as usual.
> ekes
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