[development] $form #tree issue

Maciek Iwanowski maciek.iwanowski at glasspartnership.co.uk
Tue Jan 15 17:39:11 UTC 2008

Maybe you can try to add another field indicating number of cloned fields?


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Not quite that

I have dynamic fields inserted through jQuery, not via loop in PHP.  So, I need array

My form its been builted with index ( criteria[1][value[]] ) (note digit 1), my jQuery will clone that, the new field will be equal.

In theory, should work, because the value[] has no index, but strangly the array returned within $form_values does not have all my content :(


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> This: http://jeff.viapositiva.net/drupal/dynamic-forms article written
> by Jeff Eaton is a good reference for dynamically adding form
> elements. The basic idea is that your hook_form() function needs to
> check the $_REQUEST array to determine how many values are coming
> back, and create the appropriate form elements for them.
> -Brad

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