[development] So why we do support postgresql?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jan 16 16:19:44 UTC 2008

Guys/gals ...


No one is advocating that Drupal be MySQL only. No one is advocating
that we rip out PostgreSQL support from Drupal.

Being database agnostic is a good thing. We all agree on that.

The point Karoly is trying to make is that PostgreSQL keeps lagging behind
because of lack of testing, and that holds back otherwise good patches.

The noble people who are going out of their way to test PostgreSQL even
though they don't use it are doing a good thing. But is it enough? Have the
list of PostgreSQL issues diminished because of that?

Remember way back when, 3 years ago, we had MS SQL support in core.
Look at it here:

What happened? It went the way of the dodo. Unless something is done,
PostgreSQL risks the same fate. And people who are already busy switching
to PostgreSQL is not a sufficiently scalable answer.

If there are any PostgreSQL users (or Oracle, or DB2 or MS SQL), then they
either have to provide the manpower for the tests or pay testers to ensure
stuff works for future releases.

Related point: We are talking here about just support for another database,
supporting big sites with database optimization, ...etc.
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