[development] Need Help With Drupal Widget

Jason Flatt drupal at oadaeh.net
Thu Jan 17 16:01:53 UTC 2008

On Wednesday, January 16 2008 2:23:23 pm Matthew Farina wrote:
> Netvibes contacted me about helping them put together a drupal
> aggregator widget. These widgets work on nevibes, OS X, in Windows
> Vista, on igoogle and more. You can find an example at
> http://eco.netvibes.com/widgets/229787/the-chronicle-of-higher-education
> I'm looking to put together a list of up to 15 feeds to put in the
> widget. 4 are tabs with up to an additional 11. In the example if you
> click the down arrow on the tab you are on you can see all the
> possible feeds you can read in the widget.
> Anyone have any suggestions for feeds to use in the widget?
> My initial list was the drupal planet and the feeds for the drupal
> homepage and the groups homepage. What others should we list?
> They contacted us because of www.netvibes.com/drupal.
> Matt

I'm not sure if you have a focus other than Drupal or not. There is Drupal 
Talk [1], which is more loosely Drupal focused then Planet Drupal. There is a 
list of sources [2] that feed Planet Drupal and Drupal Talk that could lead 
to other feeds.

You could have a feed of open issues [3], or CVS commits [4], either for core 
or for contributed projects (CCK & Views come to mind, but it could be based 
on themes, translations, etc.).

Another thing you can do is list feeds of individual forums [5], or create 
custom feeds based on parts or groupings of the forums [6]. By being creative 
with issue queues, CVS commits and forums, you could have hundreds of feeds.

The can have feeds of individual groups from g.d.o, like the Drupal Dojo [7].

In my own personal list of feeds, I have a Snipplr feed of Drupal related 
posts [8].

So, I guess it really all depends on what the focus is, if there is one, as to 
where you can take this.

[1] http://drupal.org/talk
[2] http://drupal.org/aggregator/sources
[4] http://drupal.org/cvs?rss=true
[5] http://drupal.org/taxonomy/term/25/0/feed
[6] http://drupal.org/taxonomy/term/34+51/0/feed
[7] http://groups.drupal.org/node/2191/feed
[8] http://snipplr.com/rss/tags/drupal

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