[development] Think there's a security problem in your module? Here's what to do.

Steven Peck sepeck at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 08:25:49 UTC 2008

On Jan 17, 2008 11:52 PM, DragonWize <dragonwize at gmail.com> wrote:
> @Angie & Derek
> As a new drupal contributor I have no intimate knowledge of who has
> access to what are areas of d.o, how the access is handled, what is
> and isn't possible with some of the code behind the scenes, etc., so I
> am entrusting you as my experts in that area. I don't specifically
> have any objections because I am not able to fully understand the
> implications of your proposals.
> My two main concerns are:
> 1. The process has to be simple (ie not like U.S. Tax laws :))
> 2. Don't stop me from developing my module. As drupal becomes more a
> part of my business and my livelihood, taking 2 weeks off is not an
> option.
> If your proposals fulfill these objectives then count me in.
> Thank you,
> Alan

2.  Nothing stops development of your module and it's local
deployment.  Everything does encourage one to work with the community
that supports the project you rely on.  It is in everyones best
interest to not add additional burden to the active volunteers whose
support and time you rely on.  That reputation that the Drupal
community cares about these issues.  Because you have a business, it
is in your best interest to actively participate and help ease those
burdens others carry.

My neighbor asked me to watch their kids because they had a medical
emergency.  I had plans.
My neighbor asked me to help unload a heavy piece of equipment they
rented.  It got me up early.

Sometimes, being a member of a community is inconvenient.  Sometimes
with Open Source it's also about considering the community while you
make a profit because that helps you much more in the long run.

I hope we can count you in.

Steven Peck

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