[development] how to upgrade from 5.x to 6.x

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Fri Jan 18 13:40:59 UTC 2008

On Jan 18, 2008, at 5:32 AM, Greg Knaddison wrote:

> "Turn off (but do not uninstall) all modules that are not core  
> modules"

Note: for update_status 5.x -> update.module 6.x, the recommended  
upgrade path is to disable *and* uninstall update_status 5.x before  
starting the upgrade, or people will be left with stale variables and  
tables in their DB which there's no automated way to clean up.

We need to start getting the word out about this, or we need to put  
code into update.install to seek out this stale data and destroy it  
when you install update.module for the first time.  If we go the  
documentation route, it'd be nice if installation screencasts like  
yours mentioned it.


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