[development] Think there's a security problem in your module? Here's what to do.

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Fri Jan 18 15:30:20 UTC 2008

I hope this does not turn into another release system.

I mean a lot of work initially, and high maintenance on an ongoing basis,
of questions and confusion, and more stress for you.

Sometimes I see the tendency of the technologists to overengineer things,
just because we can.

Maybe it is just the process that needs improvement, not the underlying

If we wanted to get really crazy, we could start to experiment with
> distributed revision control (e.g. git.sec.d.o)

Does this means we finally move off CVS? Yay! Should I start an SVN vs.
GIT vs. bzr flamewr thread?

/me ducks ...
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