[development] Filter taxonomy

Bertrand Mansion drupal at mamasam.net
Fri Jul 4 17:17:40 UTC 2008


In my configuration, I have users who belong to organic groups who can  
create "projects" nodes. Upon creation, these "projects" node  
automatically create taxonomy terms using the NAT module. Now, I would  
like to propose to the user only the "projects" terms he created  
(acctually, the ones created by people of his group as well, but if I  
can do one, I can do the other).

Is there a module, a hook or a way to filter out some terms when a  
node is edited/added by a user that is not allowed to use these terms?

At the moment, I have patched taxonomy.module but it would be nice to  
have something maybe like hook_taxonomy() with a "load" operation?

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