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Miriam Natanzon miriam at mail.snunit.k12.il
Fri Jul 11 09:43:00 UTC 2008

Thanks for your all responses!

I'm using Drupal 5.7, and understood Drupal core and also Drupal cron didn't
take care of that issue of deleting old unused files from Tmp...
I think it's the right place because I didn't expect Drupal to fix it in
this version and wonder if someone develop a script fix it.
I saw there files with "tmp_" prefix (machine names) and also files with
( Someone guessed there is an module that upload files and didn't care of
deleting the temporary files, It's can be the audio module in my site.. )


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I'm guessing this issue is re: Drupal 5, but in Drupal 6 there is an
over-zealous temp file cleanup, it only allows them to stick around
for 24 minutes. http://drupal.org/node/276018


On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 9:30 AM, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> wrote:
>>> It is a development request to the extent that this may be a "bug by
>>> design"; what is supposed to happen to the tmp files? Are people who may
>>> not
>>> be system admin gurus supposed to know that these files accumulate, and
>>> what
>>> to do with them?
>> But the OP didn't raise a development topic; it was a topic of support.
>> There is a different list for that.
> I'm on the fence. Largely:
>  * if Drupal is leaving tmp files around, something has gone wrong
>   at a high enough level that we probably /can't/ "fix it" by
>   removing the temp files.
>  * most servers have a tmpwatch utility of some kind that automatically
>   purges left over files. This, of course, presumes that Drupal's temp
>   directory remains at the default /tmp. If it's moved elsewhere, then
>   Drupal becomes responsible for cleaning up the files (and we'd
>   probably want to implement some sort of post-cleanup in a cron).
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