[development] HELP: Need a new mentor for the Document API SoC project

Kyle Cunningham kyle at codeincarnate.com
Sun Jul 13 05:22:17 UTC 2008

Hey Angie,
I don't think that I'm qualified to be a primary mentor, but I'd 
certainly be happy to help offer advice and find solutions to problems 
at least for a little while.  I am pretty fluent in file handling, and 
reasonable with at least the PHP side of XML.  If that sounds OK with 
you please let me know.

Kyle Cunningham

Angela Byron wrote:
> Ken Rickard needs to step down for a bit and take care of some 
> personal stuff that came up suddenly.
> Dan DeGeest is on as backup mentor, but we really need someone to step 
> in and take over as primary mentor while Ken takes care of some stuff.
> The project is Document Import API - http://drupal.org/project/docapi. 
> The idea is to be able to import files from a variety of office 
> programs such as OOo, Word, and Excel.
> The student is Christopher Bradford, who was a SoC student last year, 
> so knows Drupal, but needs help with hammering out the various 
> interactions.
> Some design documentation has already been created at
> http://groups.drupal.org/files/DocImport_Process2.png to give you an 
> idea.
> We basically need someone fluent in file handling, XML formats, and 
> that sort of thing.
> Any takers?
> -Angie

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