[development] Wanted: Version Control API maintainer

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Tue Jul 15 10:41:44 UTC 2008

Hey list,

for the near future, I won't be able to do module maintainership anymore -
on Saturday I'm leaving for a month-long trip abroad, and after that I'll be 
working pretty much exclusively on my diploma thesis. So if I (hopefully) 
manage to concentrate on the important stuff, you won't be noticing lots of 
Drupal related activity from my side until next year or so.

Filefield is taken care of by dopry, and my other modules are both small and 
nonessential for the community, I'll trust those to fago and my employer.

That leaves Version Control API, which has been my largest undertaking but 
didn't yet take off as the 5.x-1.x branch had some conceptual issues yet and I 
wasn't able to finish the 5.x-2.x branch that fixes those with a 
simplification of concepts and database structure.

The Summer of Code project for revamping Version Control API and extending it 
for usage on drupal.org unfortunately failed as my student disappeared without 
notice (I heard he's healthy, but on the coding side he's gone for good).

So essentially the situation looks like this: If you don't help out then
Version Control API is likely to die, drupal.org will keep running on CVS,
and all the work will have been for naught. This is a call for help - if 
Drupal-based support for SVN, Git, Mercurial or Bazaar is of importance to 
you, then please take care of Version Control API, finish the 2.x release and 
port it to Drupal 6.

It's a considerable amount of code, and for some extension modules it would 
probably make sense to split them out into separate projects. The only thing 
that's really crucial at this point is the core API module and the Commit Log. 
Everything else can be reinstated once these are in good shape again.

And of course, major rewards are awaiting you if you take this on. Like, 
having the own code running on drupal.org once it's ready to run there.

If you want to contribute, drop me a note before Saturday, or otherwise get in 
contact with dww, hunmonk or aclight.


P.S.: Bye community, I hope to come back next year!
Oh, and see you at the Drupalcon, despite the above :P

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