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Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Jul 17 01:59:29 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 16 July 2008 4:26:38 pm Benjamin Lewis wrote:
> Eric-Alexander Schaefer wrote:
> > Larry Garfield schrieb:
> >> I am going to take the luddite position.  Consider yourself warned. :-)
> >
> > Thanks (for your position, not the warning).
> > Plaintext should be the default and HTML _could_ be an option. If HTML
> > is used, it should contain a plaintext version.
> It MUST contain a plaintext version (per RFC 2119 [1])
> [1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2119

You're making the naive assumption that people actually follow that 
requirement. :-)  LOTS of email floating about the Net, both legit and 
spam/trojans, contains HTML and no body.  And sending the message twice 
(plain and HTML) is a slap in the face to anyone on low bandwidth.  

drupal_render() for mail does have potential advantages.  That it may make it 
easier for *contribs* to send HTML email is a downside I am willing to 

Larry Garfield
larry at garfieldtech.com

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