[development] Issues with selecting radio buttons with JQuery

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Jul 21 20:37:13 UTC 2008

Dan Robinson wrote:
> Thanks everyone! - answering all in one to save bits.
> Earl -
>> I would recommend setting up a #process so that you can use your own 
>> version of expand_radios() -- this will let you set things like the 
>> #name and #id of each individual radio option individually. That could 
>> allow you to much more easily deal with some of this oddness.
> Interesting - I'm not sure I completely understand how this works - but 
> I will study up.

While it may be moot as your problem was solved by Henrique, the way 
checkboxes and radios work is that they automatically have a #process 
function which expands the checkboxes into multiple form widgets.

See: http://api.drupal.org/?q=api/function/expand_radios/head

You can do this (at least in D6):

   '#process' => array('mymodule_expand_radios'),

This will override the default #process and call your version of the 
function instead.

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