[development] Need advices from Drupal guru: develop modules that support multilanguages

Vu The Cuong vuthecuong at luvina.net
Thu Jul 24 02:06:05 UTC 2008

Dear all


I have a project building a portal site (somewhat like myspace.com) for
4 countries:

- Japan

- Spain

- France

- England



When users access  toppage, system will:

1) check which country is this user from

2) Then redirect user to page that displaying content in corresponding
to him/her country language

Pages for each country is different in language but totally same in

Subject, title, label, and main content body also.


So I need advices from you:

About 1): first option is: I planned to uses Accept-Language request
header from browser to check where user is from.

Second option is: I planned to user Multiviews in Apache to handling


And I will redirect user based on above returned result. 

So my question is:

-         Above solutions is OK?

-         Do I need to pay any attention on something? 

-         Is any better solution out there?

About 2) 

I would like to receive any advices from you about:

-          Ex about using t() function, handling date and times etc

-        text strings used commonly such as labels on form buttons.

-        body content such as blog articles, informational pages and
static blocks

-        And any others.

Thanks in advanced




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