[development] Hit and run contrib

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Sun Jun 1 19:42:44 UTC 2008

Another issue I've noticed, is users contributing what amounts to site  
specific modules, that duplicate another module with small  
differences, such as would be specific to only a single site. The  
motive for this seems to be either clients, development companies, or  
individuals who are seeking credit or trying to improve appearances by  
having contributed modules in their name.

Now for my speculation on the issue, this may be due to the general  
attitude in the Drupal community that the way to evaluate a members  
skill, or value, is by CVS commit logs, or core patches submitted.  
While this is a good way to evaluate, it may be the value placed on  
such a metric, that causes people to strive to find a way to be  
visible, without considering quality or consequences to new users in  
terms of duplicated modules.

I for one, know that I have had multiple employers look at my d.o  
account and cvs log, yet I know that at least one of them did not ever  
read the code associated with it. I don't know what the real solution  
to this problem is, but I know that I am guilty of striving to have  
something committed in CVS, without regard to quality, commitment to  
maintain it, or overall quality.


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