[development] Drupal architecture

Ariel Enrique Novo Rijo aenovo at estudiantes.uci.cu
Wed Jun 4 13:23:16 UTC 2008

I was having a discussion with some Drupal-adicts friends about the arquitectural structure of it.
The point is somebody said the architectural pattern that describe the behavior of Drupal is the refelction pattern.
Since you met Drupal, the first you hear is the architecture of Drupal is a modular architecture, but, if you are going to point this definition into the principal architectural styles or patterns, like:
layered organized systems, MVC, .... etc, it doesn't match exactly with the definitions and characteristics of any of those.
>From my view, i think Drupal is an Independient Components System, in this group you can find Client/server Systems and Events Systems, Drupal Characteristics match whith both of them so or.
I would like to know your opinion about.
PD:  sorry if the objetives of this group are not related whith this topic, i'm new over here.
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