[development] Drupal 6.2 theme system standalone

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sat Jun 14 05:14:39 UTC 2008

On Friday 13 June 2008, Bob Pepin wrote:
> I've put a somewhat more complete version that includes an API and a
> theme browser up on google code.
> http://drupal-theme-standalone.googlecode.com/
> btw, drupal isn't perfect either, just earlier I spent fifteen minutes
> hunting a bug just because I dared to create a variable called $theme
> in some toplevel code.. turned out that global was already taken by
> the drupal theme system, which apparently doesn't bother too much with
> error checking, so all I got was a blank page, no error message, no
> nothing.. of course PHP isn't completely innocent in this either ;)

Creating a global variable in the first place was your first mistake.  They 
are a design flaw by definition for exactly the reason you describe.  
Creating one that was not namespaced to your module was mistake #2, for the 
reasons you describe. :-)

You cannot really error check globals in that way, which is part of the 
problem with them.

Friends don't let friends use globals. :-)

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