[development] RFC: Drupal pluggable systems

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Tue Jun 17 12:41:11 UTC 2008

On 17 Jun 2008, at 7:16 AM, Larry Garfield wrote:

> Recently I've been talking up various ideas for pluggable subsystems  
> in Drupal
> in IRC and the other usual haunts. Ideas have been percolating in my  
> head,
> but so far I have been remiss in actually writing them down.  
> Yesterday,
> however, I had an epiphany to solve the primary issue I was trying  
> to work
> out, so I present a hopefully workable RFC (for real, not IETF  
> version) for
> pluggable subsystems in Drupal.

I've always thought drupal needs the concept of libraries too.

ie: code that is just used when requested, no need to be enabled or  

My all time favorite thing in that post is putting a bunch of  
initialization data in an sqlite database,
tho you have to be very careful about what sql queries you write then,  
as you won't be able to join
between db engines.

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