[development] is anyone picking up DOC module?

zeljko blace zblace at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 15:29:25 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jun 25, 2008 at 2:41 PM, Vladimir Zlatanov <vlado at dikini.net> wrote:
> oops, forgot to cc the list. Sorry. Somebody else might be able to pitch
> in as well.
>>> As DOC module seems to be stuck,
>>> I am looking for alternative method for primitive DOC management.
>>> So far I have been thinking of attaching .doc and .xls
>>> files to nodes and removing body from those nodes
>>> then displaying them with views2...
>> Just to clarify - you are looking for ways to store files with drupal.
>> And maybe some tagging, etc...
>> yes - very basic
>> > It that is yes - you can use views to display the various lists the way
>> > you want them to. You  could style the results.
>> yes - just need to have them in Blocks rather then full pages.
> Views does blocks. And you seem to like them.
>> > If I had to start from scratch, I wouldn't even develop docs in the
>> > first place. It fills a very narrow niche, and my users are very, very,
>> > very conservative. I would try and configure a system similar to what
>> > you described. In D6 it should be trivial to make a simple file node. I
>> > haven't done it, but the infrastructure is there. You will need to
>> > invest some time in coding though.
>> PHP coding of new feature or just HTML/CSS+Views2 or CCK2?
> Very few lines of code to create the new node type and possibly assign a
> node title based on the file name. There is sample code in docs, but it is
> overcomplicated, since it does more work. I'm not sure if you won't be able
> to get away with mostly a custom .info file.  Haven't looked carefully
> at d6 yet.

Can anyone give me pointers where to look at this - as I am not a programmer
at all, just know markup well and not afraid to experiment ;-)

> If you base it around standard nodes, you don't need cck. views is
> automatic. Theming as well, unless you want a custom look, which is
> sightly more complicated, but quite straight forward. The docs team has
> done a good job, really.

OK - I will look at it and report over the weekend.

>> >> That way files can be commented on, searched for and
>> >> can have notes on versions
>> > Only if you can extract text from the files. You still could do taxonomy based queries.
>> just few words would be sufficient
> Well, you need something to put those words into the search table. You need something
> to extract them from your files - doc, pdf, whatever.... Drupal by default doesn't
> know anything but their name and size and that is not in the search table.

well I was thinking to use free tagging instead of proper file search

> I would be happy to update docs, but i will possibly have a week or so
> free(ish) towards the middle of July. Before that it is busy, busy,
> busy. If anyone wants to help out with the module or become a
> co-maintainer/maintainer, just shout. We can sync via email and irc.

If I get stuck with this problem myself
I will be able to help with testing your beta code
otherwise I will try to take a vacation on 18th ;-)

> Cheers,
> Vlado

Cheers :-)

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