[development] Drupal Function Frequency Report?

Marjorie Roswell mroswell at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 15:37:50 UTC 2008

I've got both books.

Matt, when he signed my copy, looked at all my notes, and said "you've
read the heck out of this book!"

I have to read it again, as it was my first exposure to Drupal on a
"vacation" without a computer. I read every word, but without ever
having used drupal before.

I should re-read it now that I know something! (I have been referencing it.)

I also bought the D6 Packt book, but we're still using version 5, so I
need to be careful with that one.

All that said, I guess I have an analytic mind, and I do think that
getting a function frequency list would actually be a helpful guide.

If anyone wants to create such a thing, probably of interest to the
community. But I do understand that if I can't do it (and I don't
think I can), someone else might not have that same itch.



P.S. John, and Angie, et. al.:  Looking forward to your respective
books. They're destined for my collection the moment they're

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