[development] upload module or maybe url() bug

Matt Connolly matt at cabinetuk.com
Mon Jun 30 11:32:10 UTC 2008

I have a question about url encoding

Spaces in URLS are normally translated to "%20" and spaces in queries  
are normally translated into "+", although the "%20" is correctly  

I'm discovering that private file uploads are not working when there  
is a "+" in the file name. This is being translated into a " " (space)  
which is quite normal for queries.

With public downloads, (ie accessibly directly via http://mydrupalsite/sites/files/fred+wilma.jpg 
" the file works. So apache doesn't translate the + in the file's path  
name into a space, and the file is downloaded.

With private downloads, the file name is placed into a query, thanks  
to mod_rewrite (or, becomes http://mydrupalsite/q?=system/files/fred+wilma.jpg 
" . You can see where the problem is.

I can easily fix this by altering the "file_create_url" function in "/ 
includes/file.inc". I know I've been warned to not change drupal's  
core modules and code, but ..... I think I need to.

However, I wonder if the problem would be better handled in the  
"url()" function?

I notice that if you create page url's "bananas+pears" and "apples and  
oranges" the urls are all encoded with %20. So it seems you can't use  
the "+" in a custom URL. Butt least here what you type and what you  
get are consistent.

Any thoughts?

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