[development] Urgent Help

Surya Namala surya.namala at valuelabs.net
Thu Mar 6 09:56:49 UTC 2008

Any body help me out on below issue.
I have successfully installed Drupal 6.1 in my local environment but I am 
not able to create own regions.Please help me out.


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> Wow, that's very fab.
> Just a minor nitpick: The images on the RHS of the table for dev
> snapshots have an alt and title attribute of 'error', but there isn't
> any error going on. Maybe a text like:' Snapshots are for development
> only, NOT for production servers' or somesuch.
> Otherwise great work.
> On 06/03/2008, Derek Wright <drupal at dwwright.net> wrote:
>> If you own any project nodes on d.o please read this...
>>  I just finished up a patch[1] that was holding up a string of
>>  improvements to project nodes.  The most important new functionality
>>  is that you now have more fine grained control over what releases are
>>  displayed on your project nodes[2].
>>  First of all, for each version of core, you now have separate
>>  controls for every major version, where you can specify if that core/
>>  major combination is supported, and if you want a dev snapshot
>>  displayed for it or not.  Then, if you've got multiple major versions
>>  for the same version of core, you get a radio to select which version
>>  is recommended.
>>  Update status (both in D6 core and D5 contrib) already knows about
>>  all of this, it just hasn't been visible on d.o yet.  So, previously,
>>  when you changed the "recommended version", update status would
>>  immediately warn users they should upgrade, which caused much
>>  confusion and hassle.  Now, update status will only warn users to
>>  upgrade once you uncheck the "supported" checkbox.  So, you can have
>>  both 5.x-2.* and 5.x-1.* supported, and 5.x-2.* recommended, and
>>  update status won't bother people still running 5.x-1.*.  However,
>>  say you ship a 5.x-3.*, and decide to drop support for 5.x-1.*, you
>>  can uncheck the box and update status will tell them to upgrade.
>>  Now, all it means when you mark a given major version "recommended"
>>  is a) it's displayed as such on the project nodes, b) update status
>>  says so in its status report, and c) it's the version that'll be
>>  shown in the project teaser in the project browsing pages.
>>  Furthermore, recommended releases are now colored green on the
>>  project nodes and project browsing pages, whereas -dev snapshots are
>>  always marked as red (to warn people not to download them for real
>>  sites).
>>  I also fixed a caching bug where sometimes the release tables would
>>  have "edit" links in them which most users would get permission
>>  denied on, while other tables wouldn't have edit links for users who
>>  could use them.
>>  Finally, I fixed a wonky bug that would require visiting and saving
>>  the "releases" subtab of the edit tab on your project node whenever
>>  you added a new release for a whole new version of core.
>>  Enjoy,
>>  -Derek (dww)
>>  p.s. Thanks to Tao (starbow) for some of the cool jQuery goodness on
>>  that new edit/releases UI.
>>  p.p.s. Thanks to Chad (hunmonk) and Adam (aclight) for reviewing and
>>  testing this stuff.
>>  [1] http://drupal.org/node/176776
>>  [2] http://drupal.org/node/203313
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> Regards
> Steven Jones

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