[development] reverse selection of node types is clumsy

Dave Fletcher fletch at splendora.com
Fri Mar 7 19:41:00 UTC 2008

Two modules I've used recently require you to make "reverse
selections" of node types. They ask "select node types *not* to use"
or similar. I find three issues here:

1) I have to reverse my thinking in order to make the correct
selection. It takes longer.

2) I have lots of node types in my system and I normally only want to
select one or a few of them in any given case. The selection is *much*
bigger inversed.

3) When adding a new CCK type, it is not included in this reversed
list - enabling the new type by default! It's easy to forget to
disable this until someone discovers the bug of a content type where
it does not belong.



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