[development] Google Summer of Code 2008 -- Your help needed

Joshua Brauer joshua at brauerranch.com
Sat Mar 8 21:38:41 UTC 2008

It's that time of year again. The Drupal project has the opportunity  
to participate in the Google Summer of Code (SoC).  For anyone new to  
the SoC concept the basics are that the Drupal provides mentorship and  
leadership for a group of college students to apply for the program  
and be paid to spend their summer working on a summer open source  
project. In addition to the code produced the most valuable thing that  
comes from SoC is the opportunity to bring some great new contributors  
into the Drupal project.

Background material on past Drupal SoC projects and the program in  
general can be found here:
	- http://drupal.org/google-summer-of-code/2007
	- http://drupal.org/google-summer-of-code/2006
	- http://drupal.org/googlesummerofcode2005

Although it is a "Summer" project (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway)  
a lot of the community effort needs to happen THIS WEEK. And for this  
we need YOUR help!

To make the most of the SoC we need thoughtful project proposals and a  
dedicated group of mentors.

If you'd like to sign up as a mentor visit <http://groups.drupal.org/soc-2008-mentors 
 > and subscribe to this private group.

In order to post your project ideas round up your ideas for something  
that would make a summer project that would advance Drupal and post it  
as a new discussion to <http://groups.drupal.org/soc-2008>. The other  
important step is to discuss the projects already posted. While it is  
not strictly necessary to be willing to mentor your project it is a  
good idea to help identify willing mentors for your project idea to be  

In 2007 Drupal was awarded 20 slots by Google so we need lots of ideas  
with mentors to make as much from this year's project as possible.

The pages from past years can give you several ideas of both projects  
from the past as well as past mentors who could be resources in  
deciding how you want to participate in the project.

Our final ideas list needs to be completed by March 12, 2008 at noon  
PDT/19:00 UTC.

Extremely condensed version:

     Go to http://groups.drupal.org/soc-2008 and lend a hand :)


Joshua Brauer

Our lives as we lead them are passed on to others, whether in
physical or mental forms, tingeing all future lives together.
This should be enough for one who lives for truth and service
to his fellow passengers on the way. --- Luther Burbank

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