[development] Automatic event promotion . . .

Susan Stewart HedgeMage at binaryredneck.net
Wed Mar 12 22:19:10 UTC 2008

Jason Flatt wrote:
> I have a need for a particular functionality, and before I go and create a 
> module to do it, I thought I'd check to see if anyone else is already doing 
> it.
> What I want is to have all my event node (or maybe some subset) automatically 
> promoted to the front page for some specified period of time before the event 
> takes place and then to automatically be unpromoted after the event is over.
> I didn't see any module that provided that functionality on d.o. Is that 
> something anyone is currently working on?

What I would do is, instead of coding something custom, place a view on
the front page that shows all nodes of type event occurring between X
time from now and Y time from now.  You can use panels to place it in a
pretty way if you don't feel like making it a block.


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