[development] AHAH example

Feijó patrao at legendas.feijo.info
Wed Mar 26 14:20:03 UTC 2008

Thanks Marco, nice link

I install and understood the simple ahah module

But I need to solve this message: An illegal choice has been detected. 
Please contact the site administrator.

My issue is with several comboboxes (select) with dynamic content.  I'm 
working with big tables, over 60k records, impossible to load all of it 
within my html.

Here http://drupal.org/node/182310 CHX say:

	"Now that $edit is passed to #process you can always add $edit to 
#options and also the new form caching means if some callback sends 
options to JS via AHAH calls, it can also cache the options. Removing 
this flag just means that there is no sanctioned way to do this as there 
should not be. I was always at unease because of the existence of this 

Where I do that? What hook? I try on hook_submit, but didnt work.  I 
guess isnt on that hook

that onde from drupal.org could have a tiny sample of code :)

Thanks again

Marco Carbone escreveu:
> http://drupaldojo.com/lesson/ahah
> On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 1:33 PM, Feijó <patrao at legendas.feijo.info> wrote:
>> Where can I find a working Drupal AHAH Form example?
>>  I'm studing it the hole day, cant put it to work.
>>  I used DANGEROUS_SKIP_CHECK in D5, now in D6 that flag is gone.  I have
>>  to addapt all my modules to use AHAH
>>  thanks
>>  Feijó

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