[development] tinymce and img_assist (icon problem)

Sean Wingert seanw at norris-stevens.com
Fri Mar 28 23:25:07 UTC 2008

Whoo hoo! I figured it out! I was using the Alpha (read: wrong!) tinmyce version (for my Drupal 5.8 install) since the alpha version is the first one listed on their download page. When I instead downloaded the stable release, no more problems. Huge thanks to this node:  http://drupal.org/node/60940 ("thanks for the reply... I re-installed a few more times and the problem was then obvious... wrong version of tinyMCE. Thanks!").

Steve, you might try that tip plus this one http://drupal.org/project/tinymce_autoconf to fix your install.



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I had the same problem  I posted an issue to the queue a month and a half ago


but have yet to receive any response.


Sean Wingert wrote:
I've followed the instructions for tinymce and img_assist, both of which seem to be installed properly. However, when I select the DrupalImage button, the related img_assist icon does not appear among the other icons. I can see the tinymce image icon, and even turn it off, but I cannot make the drupalimage / img_assist icon work. Any thoughts?


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