[development] Call for action: Drupalize Google's SoC Mentors App

Bill Fitzgerald bill at funnymonkey.com
Sat Mar 29 06:50:13 UTC 2008

Angela Byron wrote:
> - The web app has both private and public comments. Not sure how we 
> could do this in Drupal off-hand.
I'm assuming you're referring to the private comments :p

This solution assumes that students are authenticated users, and that 
mentors are in a "mentor" role.

Create a "private comment" node type. These private comments will have a 
node reference back to the proposal, and this node reference field gets 
automatically filled in by using the prepopulate module. Then, set up a 
workflow, and workflow access, and set private comments to only be 
visible to the "mentor" role.

We have used this in several contexts to set up private reviews, and 
it's worked pretty cleanly.

Bill Fitzgerald
Tools for Teachers

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