[development] Drupal as an API: where the value is ...

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 10:45:39 UTC 2008


That's pretty much my thinking, too.  We may disagree only on fine
points and where the actual line is drawn.

Internationalization capabilities need to be in core, but providing
the translations and localizations are not part of core.  The ability
to have a Views and CCK, the key enabling technologies, need to be in
core, but all the bells and whistles of actually using those features
probably should not.

CCK is great for quickly and easily creating new content types, but if
I don't want the software bloat and inefficiencies that go with it, I
shouldn't have to have that code as baggage in core if I don't use it.
 Core should be lean and mean.  ;-)


On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Jeff Eaton <jeff at viapositiva.net> wrote:

>  The problem comes when certain concepts and tools have become so
>  integral to the operation of most Drupal sites that they are,
>  effectively, part of core. Internationalization is important, for
>  example, but how many sites are internationalized vs. using Views?
>  Obviously, "lots of people use it, it should be in core" isn't a good
>  approach to take. But key concepts, like the use of metadata-driven
>  content listings and "fields" as the basic unit of information storage
>  for content, sometimes need to make it into core for the rest of the
>  community to continue evolving.
>  --Jeff

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