[development] the time of $op is over?

Gábor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri May 9 09:23:26 UTC 2008


Now that the registry patch landed, it looks like the time of $op
might be over. General hooks implementing different branches with $op
will always be loaded regardless of the exact need for them. Larry
already suggests using the more granular *_preprocess_hookname() type
of callbacks instead of the generic *_preprocess() callbacks for theme
stuff, so that only those needed will be loaded. Take nodeapi for
example. Code for loading nodes might often be needed, but not code
for updating or deleting them, right? Those could easily be admin.inc

So what do you think about $op? Should we evaluate on a case-by-case
basis to make function level callbacks out of $op's or just do it
wholesale (no, I am not volunteering for a patch) to get an overall
consistent API.


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