[development] New "tests" component for Drupal project

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Thu May 15 01:18:21 UTC 2008

As of this evening, there is now a "tests" component you can choose from 
when you create an issue for the Drupal project. There's also a 
"simpletest.module" component. How do they differ?

* The "simpletest.module" component is for bugs/feature requests/etc. 
for SimpleTest module itself. Errors discovered in drupal_test_case.php 
API functions found while writing tests, improvements to SimpleTest 
module's UI or API, etc. are all good types of issues to file against 
this component.

* The "tests" component is for the tests themselves (blahblah.test 
files). If you notice a test that's missing, or an existing test isn't 
passing, or if a big change went in and is awaiting a test to be 
written, this is the proper component to choose.

If you're a newbie to testing, the "tests" queue at 
is a good link to follow; lots of these are pretty simple to write, and 
members of the "testing brigade" are more than happy to help people 
figure out how to do this stuff. If you're a newbie to contributing 
period, it's a great place to jump in with maximum karmatic benefit. ;)

There are some in-progress starter docs and general discussion about 
testing over at http://groups.drupal.org/unit-testing which are worth a 
look if you'd like to jump in here. We could especially use someone 
who's a) new to SimpleTest/testing in general, and b) has some 
documentation skillz to help us whip the existing documentation into 
shape for other fellow new users.


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