[development] New Contributions API Site Launched

Axel Kollmorgen axel at kollmorgen.net
Thu May 15 07:52:42 UTC 2008

On 05.05.2008 17:52, Richard Burford wrote:
> On 5 May 2008, at 09:09, Axel Kollmorgen wrote:
>> On 05.05.2008 04:11, Richard Burford wrote:
>>> I've launched a site to provide reference documentation for 
>>> contributed modules:
>>> http://api.freestylesystems.co.uk/
>>> At the moment there are only a handful of contributed modules being 
>>> documented in the Contributions API but you can request more modules 
>>> using the request form:
>> my Drupal site has api doc for the CVS HEAD version of *all* 
>> contributed modules: http://drupal.kollm.org/node/1 .
> I guess you just do a CVS checkout of all the HEAD versions of the 
> modules and update the documentation from that? How much disk space does 
> the contributions/modules directory use?

a `cvs -z9 up -dP`, right. the size of the cvs checkout (of the whole
contrib repos incl. themes, sandbox, translations, etc.) is 512,223,582
bytes (modules: 288,594,191), the generated doxygen documentation (incl.
.png's for uml diagrams and directory structures, indices, etc.)
348,937,647 bytes (modules: cannot tell because doxygen generates a flat
directory structure), the downloadable drupal-contrib-phpdoc.tgz
57,582,634 bytes, the error log 4,753,805 bytes. it takes doxygen about
30 minutes to generate the full documentation.

> I'd love to know whether others think it would be good to provide 
> documentation for all the contributed modules.

definitely - go ahead. curious about the load of api.module for the 
whole contrib repos.


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