[development] Slow down with the official releases of contrib already, ok? ; )

Senpai senpai_san at mac.com
Wed May 28 04:12:20 UTC 2008

On May 27, 2008, at 5:01 AM, Earnie Boyd wrote:

> I think the best thing is to remove the confusion of what -dev  
> means.  A -dev release is only to be used to allow developers an  
> easy method to know what the package will look like from an  
> installation process.  A -dev release isn't meant to be a "for  
> general use" release.  The "big red "X"" is there because of this  
> and ppl just need to stop using -dev for anything else.

The project module and/or update status module might be able to solve  
this dilemma by allowing a site to notify its admins that a newer  
release is either a bugfix/feature release, or a security release with  
some greater degree of distinction. As it stands right now, we do  
notify people when a module has a security update, but we don't really  
have a clear distinction between whether or not it'd be nice to get  
that new upgrade, or whether I really *really* need it in order to  
survive the botPharms.

Do we have a good enough distinction between whether a new release is  
cool, or mandatory? I've ever really noticed a difference.
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