[development] Module Idea/Suggestion

Jon Antoine antoinesolutions at gmail.com
Thu May 29 16:08:02 UTC 2008

I just had an idea for a module and thought I would throw it out to
the development community and hopefully get some feedback on it.  I
searched Drupal and couldn't find anything already offering this

I'm not sure how common it is with everyone else, but every site I
build has a test site on my test server and a live site on my live
server.  It is not a complicated process to push the test site to the
live site, but it is a time consuming one, so why not have a module do
it for you?

A beginning set of steps:
1.  Backup up database
2.  Upload Added/Modified/Deleted changes to files
3.  Update database

The module would need to allow you to specify an ftp location to
upload the files to and also allow permission to update the database.

I am not as advanced a programmer as some of you so I am hoping for
any feedback.  Let me know what you think?


Jon Antoine, Owner
Antoine Solutions

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