[development] Hit and run contrib

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Fri May 30 04:20:58 UTC 2008

Michelle Cox wrote:
> On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 8:19 PM, Daniel F. Kudwien 
>     We should really start to think about i) project maintainership, ii)
>     educating current maintainers, iii) educating new maintainers, and iv)
>     encouraging co-maintainership and joining forces.
> That's really a whole different subject than the process of taking over 
> a module.

It is. Would be a great set of documentation for the community to have, 

Daniel, are you on the docs team already? If not, post an issue to the 
Documentation project queue and I can add you tomorrow. I'd love to see 
someone put some energy into this kind of stuff.

> Having that parsed automatically would be nice. I tried putting a link 
> to a UID once and it just made a mess. As for auto CVS access, no way. 
> As long as a maintainer hasn't abandoned their module, they should have 
> say in who gets access. Sure, it's GPL, but it's generally accepted that 
> the person who writes a module "owns" it unless they actively hand it 
> off to someone else. If someone got commit writes to my modules 
> automatically just because they submitted X patches, I'd be quite 
> annoyed. I'm very glad the system doesn't work that way.

Not to mention that it's the *nature* of the patches, not the number of 
them that are important. If you go by pure numbers, most of us have far 
more patches in Drupal core than Dries. That definitely does NOT mean we 
could all be trusted with commit access to it. :P


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